Flat Fee Financial Planning

While some advisers equate financial planning solely with investments, FPH founder John Robinson has found that mistakes and oversights in important non-investment planning areas can be just as costly as investment miscues. FPH flat fee financial plans seek to address ALL major aspects of each family’s plan. Additionally, in contrast to the boiler-plate, computer-generated “financial plans” produced by many advisers, all FPH financial plans are written by Mr. Robinson and are unique to each client.

More detailed insight into the breadth of an FPH Flat Fee Financial Plan may be gleaned from reviewing the TABLE OF CONTENTS from a sample final report.

Second Opinion Reports and Portfolio Reviews

At FPH, Second Opinion Reports are provided for a pre-negotiated flat fee with the understanding in advance that there will be no solicitation or even tacit encouragement to transfer investment accounts to any brokerage or investment advisory firm with which Mr. Robinson is affiliated. Simply put, offering reviews on a flat fee basis enables Mr. Robinson to “call it as he sees it.” If he believes the strategies you are implementing and the investments you are using are sound, he will tell you. If he believes there are flaws in your current investment plan, his hand-prepared report will tell you that too. FPH Second Opinion Reports generally include a summary of all internal and external investment fees and commissions, a review of the broad and detailed asset allocation strategy, a discussion of the individual investments, and a general assessment of the merits of the portfolio relative to the client's stated goals, objectives, and risk parameters.

Holistic Planning

Although many families spend a great deal of time planning their investment portfolios, few take the time to properly address the important non-investment aspects of their financial plans. This is unfortunate because simple, easily avoidable mistakes and oversights can be every bit as costly as poor investment decisions. Holistic planning seeks to help clients avoid these mistakes and get the more qualitative aspects of their financial plans in order.

Holistic planning reports are prepared on pre-negotiated flat fee basis. Services typically include preparation of an extraordinarily detailed Personal Balance Sheet summarizing various of asset ownership registrations and their respective valuations, compilation of a beneficiary designation binder, objective reviews of insurance policies and coverages, and more. A primary objective of this service is to raise client awareness of important issues pertaining to estate planning, asset protection, risk management and insurance planning, identity theft and fraud protection, and emergency planning and disaster preparedness. All reports are personally written and prepared by FPH founder John H. Robinson.

Holistic planning also serves to fill in important gaps in service that are not typically addressed by tax or legal professionals. While Financial Planning Hawaii does not provide specific legal or tax guidance, our holistic planning reports provide a valuable organizational framework and basic education foundation to prepare clients to meet with their attorneys and CPAs. After the reports have been prepared, Mr. Robinson generally works with these professionals to ensure that the clients’ needs are met and that proposed solutions are properly implemented.

Investment Advisory Consulting Services

As a state of Hawaii Registered Investment Advisor, Financial Planning Hawaii founder John H. Robinson may serve in a fiduciary capacity to provide specialized consulting guidance on a flat or hourly fee basis. Examples where such services might apply include providing investment planning guidance to a church, foundation, and/or educational institution’s investment committee or board of trustees. Mr. Robinson is also available on pre-negotiated fee basis to provide guidance and opinions on special projects, such as evaluating the merits of a particular unique investment or strategy. On such projects, Mr. Robinson will remain at arms-length to all investment transactions, and will seek to avoid all potential conflicts of interest. In instances where such conflicts are unavoidable, Mr. Robinson strives for complete up-front disclosure and transparency.

Retirement Income Planning Analyses

Retirement income sustainability has been a hot button issue in financial planning for more than a decade and has been a specific area of interest and study for Financial Planning Hawaii founder John H. Robinson. Papers he co-authored on the subject won the 2009 Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards and the 2010 International Foundation for Retirement Education (InFRE) Best Paper awards and were published in the academic journals, Financial Services Review and Journal of Wealth Management, respectively

As a state of Hawaii Registered Investment Advisor, Mr. Robinson, is available to offer consulting assistance on a flat or hourly fee basis to families who are specifically interested either reviewing their retirement savings strategies and investments or, if retired, evaluating their current retirement income spending strategies.

Education Planning Analyses

As a state of Hawaii Registered Investment Advisor, Financial Planning Hawaii founder John H. Robinson may offer consulting assistance on a flat or hourly fee basis to families who are specifically interested in financial planning for their children’s educations. Services include assistance in quantifying the planning need and developing specific strategies to meet that need, consideration of the benefits and disadvantages of different planning strategies (e.g., 529 college savings plans, prepaid tuition plans, Education Savings Accounts, saving in the parents or grandparents names vs. the child’s name, etc.), and Financial Aid (scholarships, loans, and grants) considerations.