What is your approach to investing?

An important element of comprehensive financial planning is the recognition that each individual and family is different. With respect to portfolio construction, every clients investment mix is different and we want our clients to be educated about and engaged in the investment planning process.  That said there are common principles that we apply.  These include recognizing that tax efficiency and minimizing total expenses important elements of investment planning. We also believe all investment recommendations should be rooted in academic/empirical research.  On this score, we are proponents of Random Walk Theory and the Efficient Markets Hypothesis.  In terms of the types of investments, we generally prefer CDs and treasuries for the fixed income portion of clients’ portfolios to bond mutual funds.  For the equity portion of client portfolios we frequently use index funds/ETFs.  We also have a direct indexing strategy for investing in rising dividend stocks.  We consistently avoid products with high internal expenses and/or opaque commissions.  We also eschew all forms of market timing. 

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