JR Robinson's Two Cents Podcast at Financial Planning Hawaii


This section of the FPH website provides an archive of podcasts produced by FPH founder, J.R. Robinson.  The podcasts were originally distributed in Financial Planning Hawaii's (roughly) monthly client newsletter and posted to SoundCloud. They were produced out of recognition that consumers increasingly prefer audio and video content to written text.  By sharing content in multiple formats and multiple distribution channels we hope to improve client education and engagement.

Rethinking Tax Planning  (September 2020)

Why the stock market is flourishing when all the news is awful (July 2020)

Life (and Companies) Finds a Way (April 2020)

The Cares Act and You (March 2020)

Is "Ride it out" generic/outdated guidance for current market crisis? (February 2020)

The Secure Act - Provisions and Implications (January 2020)

Educating Kids About Personal Finance (July 2019)

Is Anchoring Bias Impacting Your Investment Decisions? (May 2019)

The Gundlach Enigma: Why sometimes it may be wise to listen to people who give bad advice (April 2019)

JR's Two Cents on the State of Healthcare in the U.S. (March 2019)

How to React to a Bear (Market) Encounter (December 2018)

Armchair Nostradamus (September 2018)

Ready, F.I.R.E., Aim! (November 2018)

What Really Drives the Market? (April 2018)

Total Drama Island (March 2018)

Apocalypse Now??? (January 2018)

The Financial Planning Implications of the Tax Cuts and Job Acts of 2017   (December 2017)

A Random Walk on a Short Pier (July 2017)

Yeah-buts - Why it's not really different this time and why making big bets on low probability outcomes is a bad investment strategy  (May 2017)

RiskTolerance is a Moving Target (April 2017)