There are two elements of our client service model that enable us to provide an unparalleled comprehensive financial planning experience – (1) we give you a digital platform that helps you to easily centralize, organize, monitor, and maintain all aspects of your financial life over time, and (2) we comb through all of the information and data you provide to raise your awareness of the planning mistakes, oversights, and potential opportunities.

Financial Planning Services

It is not difficult to find a financial advisor in Honolulu (or anywhere else in the U.S.) who claims to do comprehensive financial planning.  It is far more challenging to find one who truly does. At Financial Planning Hawaii and our sister business, Fee-Only Planning Hawaii, we deliver exactly what our company monikers suggest.   In terms of the differences between the two companies, Financial Planning Hawaii provides comprehensive financial planning guidance to consumers who are seeking ongoing portfolio management as part of the financial planning relationship.  Fee-Only Planning Hawaii is a fit for consumers who are seeking financial planning guidance that includes a review of existing investments and strategies, but which is decoupled from ongoing portfolio management. 

Our client services under both business models includes the following areas of expertise:

  • Retirement Saving & Spending Analyses
  • Estate Planning Review & Implementation
  • Employee Benefits Review
  • Tax Planning and Optimization
  • Home, Auto, Umbrella Insurance Reviews
  • Life, Disability, Long-Term Care Insurance Reviews
  • IRA Rollover and Roth Conversion Guidance
  • Efficient, Low-Cost Portfolio Management
  • Personal & Corporate Cash Management
  • Education Funding and Planning
  • Social Security Benefits Planning 
  • Asset Registration Reviews
  • Beneficiary Designation Reviews
  • Business Retirement Plan Review & Selection
  • 401(k) Plan Servicing and Employee Education 
  • Pension Annuitization Election Guidance
  • Emergency Planning and Disaster Preparedness

To demonstrate our expertise in these areas, visitors to this page are encouraged to read our blog and watch the various videos posted on this site.  We have extensive expertise in all of these areas and have published scores of papers and articles on a broad range of financial planning topics.

Ongoing Client Access – A Platform is Better than a Document

Although most consumers expect the delivery of a financial plan in the form of a document, the problem is that the document quickly becomes obsolete.  At our shop, we believe in delivering clients a secure online platform that enables them to maintain their financial plans over time.  While we follow the standard 7-step financial planning process that begins with extensive information gathering and goal setting and ends in a written review and recommendations, the lasting benefit comes in the form of a digital platform that enables the user to constantly update and monitor every aspect of their financial lives over time.  The platform includes account aggregation, insurance policy tracking, a document storage app, and more.

Value Added Services

  • Estate Plan Navigator (estate planning document prep and implementation service)
  • Holistiplan (tax return analysis software)
  • Password Guru (our own free password management software)
  • Documents Guru (our own file transfer and document storage software)
  • Nest Egg Guru (our own unique educational retirement planning software)