John Robinson's Important Financial Planning Documents

The documents below have been created by John Robinson to assist clients in organizing their financial affairs and to help them address many of the important non-investment aspects of their financial plans.

What's the Best Fit for You?

Planning for the Worst

Your Personal Balance Sheet (Sample)

Your Financial Planning Checklist

John Robinson's Professional Papers

The Cost of Guaranteed Income:  Demystifying the value propostion of variable annuities with GLWB Riders

Are Lifecycle Funds Getting a Bum Rap?

Planning For the Worst - Incorporating Disaster Preparedness and Emergency Planning into Mainstream Financial Planning

Reality Check - The implications of applying sustainable withdrawal analysis to real world portfolios

Who's the Fairest of Them All?  A Comparative Analysis of Financial Advisor Compensation Models

Share Class Warfare

John Robinson's Op-Ed Pieces

The SEC's 12b-1 Reform Proposal is Based Upon Misguided History, Flawed Economics

The ZAG Study - Questioning the Objectivity of Industry Funded Academic Research

Financial Planning Magazine - 12b-1 Fee Reform

In Defense of "Faux Planners"

Response to "A Safer 4% Withdrawal Strategy"