7% Savings Bonds?! - Curb Your Enthusiasm

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7% Savings Bonds?! – Curb Your Enthusiasm


By John H. Robinson January 7, 2022

On November 3rd, 2021, New York Times “Your Money” columnist Ann Carns alerted the world that I-Bonds, the inflation-linked savings bonds issued by the U.S. Treasury will be paying 7.12% for the six month period ending in May 2022.  The 7%+ yield on super-safe U.S. treasuries caught the attention of millions of yield-starved investors.  The article spawned scores of other similarly themed articles, and I have received a number of calls from similarly yield-starved clients wondering whether they should buy them and/or why I had not trumpeted the news to all FPH clients. 

My response is that the opportunity is a bit overhyped and, for most FPH clients, likely not worth the hassle.  The interest will be reset again in six months, investors in I-bonds are limited to $10,000 per person per year, you must hold them for a minimum of 1 year with a 3-month interest penalty for cashing in the bonds in less than 5 years, and purchasing them requires establishing an online account with U.S. Treasury Direct.  These limitations were all presented in Ms. Carns article, but readers have a hard time getting past the siren song of “7% government guaranteed.”

I don’t mean to be a wet blanket, so if you think inflation will remain high for a while and you are not put off by the aforementioned limitations, here’s the link to set up an account with Treasury Direct:


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