Errata- Why I HATE autocorrect

John Robinson |

At the risk of sounding curmudgeonly, I am struggling to adapt to the rise of AI and wax wistfully for the days when technology would only facilitate rather than replace human interactions.

Far from being impressed by AI, I have often found myself in full-on shouting matches with Alexa as my frustration with her inability (or, more likely, her refusal) to accurately answer even the simplest questions tests the limits of my patience and sanity. Fortunately, we are no longer on speaking terms.

Lately, however, I have a new target for my anti-AI vitriol - the autocorrect feature in messaging and word processing. While I once fancied myself to be a reasonably skilled wordsmith, these days I am frequently embarrassed upon rereading the text of emails I have sent to clients.

For example, a recent error in my typing of "revenue" lead autocorrect to change the word to "revenge." The worst, however, was the unfortunate autocorrect change of my misspelling of "erratic" to "erotic," which conjured up an entirely different image of investor behavior in the face of market volatility than the one I had in mind.

Support for this rant can be found in the following recent article from Popular Mechanics - Why Geneticists Really, Really, Hate Microsoft Excel

John H. Robinson is the founder of Financial Planning Hawaii and a co-founder of software maker, Nest Egg Guru

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